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Hotel Nikko Himeji Food Allergy Policy


At Hotel Nikko Himeji, we prioritize the safety of our guests and provide the following measures regarding food allergies:

①As for the ingredients used, 8 specified ingredients (eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, shrimp, buckwheat, crab, and walnuts) are displayed. The display is created based on the information from the producers, manufacturers and distributors.

②There is no labeling obligation for 21 items equivalent to specified ingredients and other items in Japan. And it might be difficult to obtain accurate information from suppliers. For this reason, please note that in principle, the hotel discloses information on 8 specified ingredients for which labeling is mandatory.

③Our restaurant and banquet kitchens handle 8 specified ingredients and other undisclosed allergenic substances in daily cooking operations. We also use the same cooking utensils and cooking oil. While we thoroughly clean dishes and utensils, there is a possibility of trace amounts of allergenic substances due to the kitchen environment. Thus, please understand that our hotel is not a facility which can provide dishes that are completely free of allergens.

④We will prepare as much as possible by prior consultation, however please note that there might be cases that we cannot fulfill your requests.

⑤If allergic symptoms occur due to contamination or similar reasons, we prioritize guest safety and may have to decline service when necessary.

We kindly ask that, when using our services, you consult with your own health condition and primary physician, and make your judgment accordingly.


Fully Enjoy Hotel Nikko Himeji

  • Stay in Himeji

    Stay in Himeji

    Your journey to historical sites, food and famous meals starts from Himeji


  • Enjoy hotel cuisine

    Enjoy hotel cuisine

    Casual lunch and dinner with those precious to you. Enjoy quality service that only this hotel can offer


  • Enjoy Himeji

    Enjoy Himeji

    Let us suggest some ways to spend your time starting from the hotel


  • The Hotel Buffet Style Breakfast

    The Hotel Buffet Style Breakfast

    Feel the abundance of Himeji in Hyogo through good food


  • A conferences, reception, performance, and more

    A conferences, reception, performance, and more

    We provide a venue that can accommodate up to 560 guests for a theater-style event or international conference.

    Banquet halls

  • Refresh yourself at our gym and swimming pool

    Refresh yourself at our gym and swimming pool

    Hotel Nikko Himeji has a fitness gym and swimming pool. Break into a sweat and refresh yourself