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Breakfast Information

In addition to fresh vegetables, we offer local dishes including eggs, bread, and dessert. Enjoy the buffet-style breakfast to start your day full of energy.

Service hours: 6:30 to 9:30 on weekdays, 6:30 to 10:00 on weekends and holidays

The Hotel Buffet Style Breakfast

Hotel Nikko Himeji offers local ingredients and dishes at a buffet-style breakfast.
Feel the abundance of Himeji in Hyogo through good food.
ホテル日航姫路 第3回朝食コンテスト

How to order the Morning Box

How to order the Morning Box

The Morning Box (1,620 yen (including consumption tax)) can be reserved for guests checking out early in the morning.
The Morning Box is also available using breakfast vouchers.
Please inform the front desk by 18:00 of the day before departure.
*Includes orange juice
*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
*Contents may vary depending on the availability of the ingredients.

(Exclusive Locally-Produced-for-Local-Consumption Ingredients)
Fresh and Tasty! Seasonal Vegetables

Vegetables from Hyogo Prefecture

At the restaurant, seasonal vegetables supplied from within Hyogo Prefecture are offered. Vegetables grown with the blessing of the sun are as fresh as claimed in the title, “locally produced for local consumption.” Produce is allowed to fully ripen before shipping, resulting in an especially rich taste and flavor.
  • Field ripened vegetables
    full of nutrition

  • The deep sweetness comes
    from soil of Hyogo

  • Vegetables grown
    in the middle of nature

Awajishima Onion

Awajishima onions are famous nationwide. They are “sweeter, softer, and fresher” than common onions seen on the market. The exceptionally milder taste, with a hotness approx. 60 percent of other onions, is easily recognized at first bite.

(Exclusive Locally-Produced-for-Local-Consumption Ingredients)
Hyogo is also famous for its rice production

Koshihikari Rice from Hyogo Prefecture

Ako Ancient Rice

Ancient rice produced in Ako. Black rice and red rice are packed with vitamins, and green rice which is rare nationwide, is stickier and sweeter than glutinous rice.
  • Three colors of Rice
    (Red rice, black rice, and green rice)

  • Ancient rice grown
    in the abundant nature of Ako

(Exclusive Locally-Produced-for-Local-Consumption Ingredients)
“Yumesaki Egg” Enthusiasts come to enjoy

Eggs from Yumesaki

This “fresh and delicious egg” is so well known that to say that it made the name Yumesaki well known all over the country is no exaggeration. A raw egg over rice is so popular that many people wait in line to enjoy it.

(Exclusive Locally-Produced-for-Local-Consumption Ingredients)
Needless to say, seafood is also available

Oshio Wakame Seaweed

Many cooks are fascinated by not only the taste but also the texture of Wakame seaweed grown in Setouchi, a product of the stable water temperature and currents. Fresh Wakame seaweed is available from Oshio, near Himeji.

Homemade Kamaboko

Kamaboko (boiled fish paste) made from the blessings of Setouchi. Supplies are lined up from each region in Banshu, the Himeji Castle town.

(Exclusive Locally-Produced-for-Local-Consumption Ingredients)
Various types noodles can be enjoyed in Hyogo

Izushi Soba Noodles

The history of Izushi, one of the best places to enjoy soba noodles, goes back to the Edo period. Although the origin of the production technique is from Shinshu soba noodles, soba noodles were developed in a unique way in the place called Izushi.
  • Eat soba noodles
    served on a small white plate called,
    “Izushi porcelain ware”

  • The 300-year history
    and a traditional taste

Banshu Ibonoito Somen Noodles

Although Ibonoito is so well known that it is synonymous with somen noodles, it is surprising that not many people know that they are from Banshu. So famous they don't need introduction, be sure to give them a try.

Awajishima Noodles

A new noodle produced in 2009 on Awaji Island, seeking not only a traditional taste but also enhanced flavor. The new noodles are 2 mm in diameter and are produced with various modern tastes based on the rule that onions from Awaji Island must be used.

(Exclusive Locally-Produced-for-Local-Consumption Ingredients)
Great Taste from the Farm

Awajishima Milk and Awajishima Yogurt

Dairy cows reared in Awaji Island have only produce milk in great quantity but also of high quality, great taste, and more. At the same time, Awaji Island is an area where intense research in processing is carried out. We would like to introduce our yogurt as well. Please enjoy it during breakfast.

(Exclusive Locally-Produced-for-Local-Consumption Ingredients)
Seasonings which form the foundation of local taste
are also produced locally for local consumption!

Ako Roasted Salt

Unrefined salt produced by the Ako clan since the Edo Period. The process and taste have been preserved through the traditional method, with the proof in the taste.
  • The traditional process
    passed down even now

  • Roasted salt carefully fired

Seaweed Salt from Awaji Island

Have you heard of Moshio (seaweed salt)? It is literally the salt contained in seaweed. Since the taste of salt is softened by the flavor of seaweed, it is compatible with a wide range of cuisine, including Japanese, Chinese and Western.

Ieshima Salt

Ieshima on the Seto Inland Sea has been famous as a treasure trove of natural sea salt since ancient times. The salt is rich in minerals and has a characteristic mild and sweet aftertaste.

Okubanshu Kake Soy Sauce
Kitaharima Kake Soy Sauce

Banshu prospered as a soy sauce production center, taking advantage of the abundant water from mountains, soybeans grown in the nutrient rich soil, and the various types of salt described above.

Kasai Sakuraizumi Tamago Kake Soy Sauce

Although we just introduced Banshu as a region famous for its soy sauce, it also produces traditional soy sauce as well as various types of soy sauce. Among them, soy sauce for “Tamago Kake” (rice mixed with a raw egg) has gained much attention in recent years. The great “Tamago Kake” produced by an original process can be enjoyed here.

Tatsuno Soy Sauce Konbu

Many kinds of soy sauce are also produced in Tatsuno. One soy sauce gets its flavor from konbu seaweed and pairs exceptionally well with tofu, etc.

Banshu Himeji Komatsuya Miso

Miso from Komatsuya was established in the 10th year of the Meiji period, and is very specific regarding handmade and additive-free processing. This concern for details about koji (malt) results in a taste that every cook seeks, and becomes the foundation of miso cooking which is difficult to fake.
  • 100% additive free
    made with a great deal
    of time and effort

  • The secret of tastiness
    is found in the special koji

Rokko Miso

Rokko is the region at the foot of Mt. Rokko. Since Rokko was the shortest route between Osaka and Banshu, it has a long history as a provider of food for travelers. Needless to say, the taste of the “miso” which has been produced by the people long involved in the process, is undoubtedly recommended.

Onion Ponzu Sauce from Awaji Island

Onions from Awaji Island are famous. From these onions one type of ponzu (soy sauce with citrus juice) is produced. The combination of the sweetness of the onions from Awaji Island and tartness of the ponzu produce an addictive taste you will surely enjoy.
As you can see, there is more food than can be introduced here! Please enjoy breakfast during your stay here too.
* Some locally-produced-for-local-consumption food may not be available depending on the season and production circumstances. We put forth our best effort to make as much food available as possible, and there should not be any time when there is no locally-produced-for-local-consumption food. However, please note that this does not mean that all the above-mentioned food is available.

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    Stay in Himeji

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  • The Hotel Buffet Style Breakfast

    The Hotel Buffet Style Breakfast

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