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Breakfast Information

Breakfast Renewal on June 1st (Sat), 2024!
Introducing new menus featuring Kobe beef hamburgers made with 100% Kobe beef and smoothies made with fresh vegetables from Himeji,
allowing you to experience the taste of Himeji and Hyogo!

Adults: ¥3,800, Elementary School Students: ¥2,200 (Special rates for guests: Adults: ¥3,200, Elementary School Students: ¥1,800)

Service hours:
6:30 to 9:30 on weekdays (Last entry 9:15 )
6:30 to 10:00 on weekends and holidays (Last entry 9:30)

*One infant is free for each adult (\605 for each additional infant). *The above prices include consumption tax and serv

The Hotel Buffet Style Breakfast

Hotel Nikko Himeji offers local ingredients and dishes at a buffet-style breakfast.
Feel the abundance of Himeji in Hyogo through good food.

[Breakfast Renewal!]
We provide energy and health from the morning.

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Kobe Beef Hamburger

The juicy patty made with 100% Kobe beef.
Enjoy the sound and aroma as it's grilled in the live kitchen.


Made with fresh komatsuna from Himeji, combined with apples and bananas for a mild and easy-to-drink smoothie.

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Made only with "Mitsu carrots" harvested in the morning and domestically produced lemons. A perfect carrot juice for breakfast with fresh sweetness and refreshing flavor.

[Enjoy Himeji Breakfast]
Indulge in Himeji's gourmet from the morning!

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Almond Toast

A classic of Himeji morning! The savory aroma of almonds and rich sweetness are popular.

Himeji Oden

A local dish of Himeji, "Himeji Oden," served with plenty of ginger soy sauce.

Yamasa Kamaboko

Kamaboko made with spring water from the clear stream, Yumesaki River, is a familiar taste for Himeji citizens.

Kobe Pork and Himeji Hashiya Miso Pork Soup

Kobe pork combined with the traditional richness of miso and added ginger for a refreshing flavor.
  • Kobe Pork

    Kobe Takao Ranch's original brand pork, meticulously raised with a focus on both feed and drinking water.

  • Hashiya Miso

    It boasts a distinctive flavor crafted using the same traditional method unchanged since its establishment in 1600.

Amazake Ice Cream

Ice cream made with amazake from Himeji's sake brewery, Nadagiku Sake Brewery.
It contains no alcohol, so it can be enjoyed by children and the elderly.

[Hotel Nikko Himeji's Recommendations!]
Special recommended dishes with dedication.

  • Marinated Trout from Kannabe Highlands

    Trout raised in the pure water of Kannabe Highlands in northern Hyogo Prefecture has a mild and light taste.

  • Kagotani's Egg Pudding

    Made with eggs raised in Oku-Tamba and low-temperature pasteurized cow's milk, this is a traditional, slightly firm pudding.

  • Curry

    We rotate several curry options daily for guests staying multiple nights to enjoy.

  • Noodles

    Daily offerings include Ibo-no-ito, Izushi Soba, and Awaji Island noodles, nurtured in the rich nature of Hyogo.

  • Ancient Rice from Akou

    Mixing black, red, and green rice with regular rice creates cherry blossom color rice. It is perfect with grated yam or curry!

  • Drink Corner

    A drink corner where you can easily replenish nutrients along with your meal. Also recommended for a morning wake-up.

  • French Toast

    A staple of hotel breakfasts, French toast is also popular at Hotel Nikko Himeji.

How to order the Morning Box

How to order the Morning Box

The Morning Box (2,400 yen (including consumption tax)) can be reserved for guests checking out early in the morning.
The Morning Box is also available using breakfast vouchers.
Please inform the front desk by 18:00 of the day before departure.
*Includes orange juice
*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
*Contents may vary depending on the availability of the ingredients.
  • * Some items may not be available depending on the season or production volume.
  • * Some menu items are offered on a daily basis.
  • * Images are for illustration purposes only.

Fully Enjoy Hotel Nikko Himeji

  • Stay in Himeji

    Stay in Himeji

    Your journey to historical sites, food and famous meals starts from Himeji


  • Enjoy hotel cuisine

    Enjoy hotel cuisine

    Casual lunch and dinner with those precious to you. Enjoy quality service that only this hotel can offer


  • Enjoy Himeji

    Enjoy Himeji

    Let us suggest some ways to spend your time starting from the hotel


  • The Hotel Buffet Style Breakfast

    The Hotel Buffet Style Breakfast

    Feel the abundance of Himeji in Hyogo through good food


  • A conferences, reception, performance, and more

    A conferences, reception, performance, and more

    We provide a venue that can accommodate up to 560 guests for a theater-style event or international conference.

    Banquet halls

  • Refresh yourself at our gym and swimming pool

    Refresh yourself at our gym and swimming pool

    Hotel Nikko Himeji has a fitness gym and swimming pool. Break into a sweat and refresh yourself