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Initiatives for SDGs


Hotel Nikko Himeji is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Aiming at winning all customers' hearts and minds and becoming a community-minded hotel,
toward the realization of a sustainable society through hotel industry, Hotel Nikko Himeji is working on specific initiatives as follows.


Reduce food loss

We promote [NO-FOOD LOSS PROJECT] advocated by MAFF and make efforts to encourage customers to enjoy foods what they ordered until last bite.

Use odd bunch vegetable

We purchase odd bunch vegetable - imperfect / nonstandard vegetable from local farmers and make soup/source with them.

Provide meal made with local ingredients

Under the theme of the production and consumption of local food, we use the local ingredients such as rice, vege, egg, spices, let customers know Himeji is a wholesome city. Meanwhile we provide safety and secure food environment as a company involved with food industry.

Grow vegetable without using any pesticides- Organic farming

We are growing vegetable and herbs without using any pesticides in the courtyard of the hotel and use these in cooking at own restaurant for banquets meal.

Maintain employee's health care

In order to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for employees, we implement regular medical check up and health guidance for the prevention of life style related disease.
And we organize a regular meeting monthly to check the total working hours of every employee.

Promote women empower

Aim to realize gender equality, we maintain the work environment for women considering their pregnancy, child birth and child care.

- The percentage of female workers among the total workforce
Full-time employees: 48.9%
Part-time employees: 88.0%
As of March 31, 2023

Enhance equality and fairness

We promote employment of people with disabilities and foreign workers to maintain diversity.

Invest in personnel development

For strengthening compliance and eliminating harassment, we carry out employees training / manager training and organize the annual workshop conducted by external lecturers.

Promote renewable energy

We make a proposal to the customers who conducts conference,banquet,MICE or events in our hotel to participate in the Green Power Certificate system project as option.

Adopt the products made from biomass

In order to promote circulation of plastic resource, we adopt the environment-friendly amenities provided in the guest room and the environment-friendly straw and take-away cutlery provided in the restaurants according to the related laws and regulations.

Promote Green project

To guests who have kindly cooperated to skip room cleaning during consecutive stays, we express gratitude with a "Social Contribution QUO Card worth 500 yen".
A portion of the QUO Card purchase amount will be donated to the "Green Fund", promoting afforestation.
Furthermore, we are committed to water saving, reducing water pollution from detergents, and fostering environmental sustainability.

Enhance water-saving

We install water saving shower head for all guest rooms for effective utilization of water resource.

Implement disaster drill

To make all employees have a high awareness of disaster prevention, we conduct earth quake/fire drill regularly. And we establish the effective emergency contact system, then obtain Gold Label of fire prevention measures through the fire safety inspection conducted by Himeji city government.

Create a partnership with business clients

Taking advantage of partnership, Hotel Nikko Himeji and hotel's clients establish an association together to promote SDGs. Also we conduct the information exchange meeting with stakeholder regularly to realize a sustainable society.

SDGs declaration published by Himeji city government

Himeji city government established the original certification system for the companies who promote the achievement of SDGs. Aim at creating a society where [ No one will be left behind ], Hotel Nikko Himeji promotes the achievement of SDGs with Himeji city government.

Obtaining International Certification for Accommodations Practicing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Hotel Nikko Himeji has obtained the certification "【3御衣黄(ぎょいこう)ザクラ】," which is an evaluation for "Environmental Restoration Contribution Facilities," as part of the "Sakura Quality An ESG Practice" certification system for accommodations practicing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on June 23, 2023.

"Sakura Quality An ESG Practice" is the certification system that has been approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). It organizes the 17 SDGs goals into 172 criteria and, after undergoing evaluation by an independent and impartial third-party committee, facilities that are recognized for their dedicated efforts in achieving SDGs in a culturally appropriate manner in Japan are awarded this certification mark.

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