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Our Suggested ENJOY HIMEJI Route

Handy day trip to popular tourist sites around the Himeji Station. Mixing loop bus rides and walking.
Hotel Nikko Himeji

Himeji Station bus terminal

To start out our ENJOY HIMEJI route, please take a one-coin (100 yen) loop bus from the Shinki bus terminal at the north exit of the nearby JR Himeji Station.

The classic bonnet buses come every 30 minutes on weekdays and every 15 minutes on weekends [more info on loop bus].



5-minute bus ride

Himeji Castle

Getting off at the bus stop Himeji Castle Otemon-mae, you are at the main gate of the Himeji Castle, which is designated both a world cultural heritage and a Japanese national treasure.

Enjoy the timeless scenery with the changing hues and shades from season to season, and find the best and unique photo spots to you.


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himeji-castle_new_01_022-450x300-1 himeji-castle_new_01_024-450x300-1

Once you’ve finished sightseeing the castle, the next stopover place in our ENJOY HIMEJI route is found within walking distance.

10-minute walk

Himeji City Museum of Art

This museum, a brick building erected first as an arsenal in 1905, is situated inside the ground of the Himeji Castle. The museum attracts great many visitors not only because of its fine gallery collections and art events but because of its idyllic setting enriched by the background view of the Himeji Castle and by a peaceful sculpture-dotted garden.




After the visit to the museum and its garden, let’s move onto the next spot, from the bus stop Museum Of Art-mae.

10-minute bus ride

Otokoyama Haisuiike Park

Now, we deboard at the bus stop Shimizu-bashi [Shimizu-bashi (Museum Of Literature-mae)], where a little hill 57.5m high is situated.

Climbing up the steep stairway of 198 steps leads you to the Otokoyama Haisuiike Park offering a magnificent panorama of the entire Himeji Castle site.




The hilltop is one of the few vantage points enabling an all-in-one view of the Himeji Castle and its serial roofs linking one grand tower and three small towers.




On the way back from the hilltop, you can tread along the detour path to look round the Otokoyama Hachimangu Shrine, the Otokoyama Senhime Shrine, and the Mio Jinja Shrine.

At the foot of the hill, let’s catch the loop bus to the next scenery spot.

5-minute bus ride

Himeji Castle Nishi-Oyashiki-ato Garden KOKO-EN

Koko-en, the vast Japanese-style garden in the lap of the Himeji Castle, is made up of nine unit gardens.
Among the unit gardens are the Oyashiki (mansion) garden with its interlinking ponds and creeks and the Ocha (tea) garden with its authentic Tea House Souju-an.
The big pond, the home for hundreds of colorful carp, is said to simulate the sceneries of the Seto Inland Sea.


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Filled with remnant sights of the ancient Edo Period, Koko-en is a popular location place for the shooting crews of samurai movies and dramas.




When you are through with the luxury stroll of the Koko-en gardens, it’s time to take a loop bus from the bus stop Kokoen-mae and return to the start point Himeji Station bus terminal [Himeji Sta.-mae (Shinki Bus Terminal)]

Hotel Nikko Himeji

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    Stay in Himeji

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